Friday, September 14, 2018
7:30     Registration and Networking
8:00     Welcome
            Susana Gomez (WMDA) and Ngaire Elwood (FACT)
8:10     Global Perspectives: Cord Blood Transplant
  8:10     Europe perspective - Frédéric Baron
  8:40     United States perspective - Juliet Barker
  9:10     Asian perspective - Arun Prasath
9:40     Incorporating New Indications in the Cord Blood Quality Program
            Susana Gomez and Joanne Kurtzberg
10:10   BREAK
10:30   Common FACT-NetCord Accreditation Citations
            Ngaire Elwood
11:00   Overview of WMDA Cord Blood Bank Survey
            Etienne Baudoux
11:30   LUNCH
Breakout Sessions
WMDA-NetCord & FACT Quality Boot Camp FACT Inspector Training
12:00   Collection Site Quality Management
            Linda Peltier
12:00  Overview: FACT Accreditation Process
            Phyllis Warkentin
  12:45   Pre-Inspection Review
            Robyn Rodwell
1:00     Laboratory Risk Management
            Phillip Johnson
1:15    The Art of Performing Inspections
            Michele Sugrue
2:00   BREAK 2:00   BREAK
2:15     Auditing in the Cord Blood Bank
            Federico Rodriguez

2:15   Case Studies
2:30    The Exit Interview
           Phyllis Warkentin
3:00   Making Your Case via the Report
          Diane Fournier
General Sessions
3:30     Validation & Qualification
            Robyn Rodwell
4:30     Boot Camp Overview – Q & A (Speaker Panel)
5:00     Adjourn


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Accreditation Success Story

The University of Utah Blood and Marrow Transplant Program began at the University Hospital in Salt Lake City in 1990. The program has been FACT accredited for 10 years, and offers suggestions for large programs considering FACT accreditation. Read more