Friday, September 14, 2018
7:30     Registration and Networking
8:00     Welcome
            Susana Gomez (WMDA) and Ngaire Elwood (FACT)
8:10     Global Perspectives: Cord Blood Transplant
  8:10     Europe perspective - Frédéric Baron
  8:40     United States perspective - Juliet Barker
  9:10     Asian perspective - Arun Prasath
9:40     Incorporating New Indications in the Cord Blood Quality Program
            Susana Gomez and Joanne Kurtzberg
10:10   BREAK
10:30   Common FACT-NetCord Accreditation Citations
            Ngaire Elwood
11:00   Overview of WMDA Cord Blood Bank Survey
            Etienne Baudoux
11:30   LUNCH
Breakout Sessions
WMDA-NetCord & FACT Quality Boot Camp FACT Inspector Training
12:00   Collection Site Quality Management
            Linda Peltier
12:00  Overview: FACT Accreditation Process
            Phyllis Warkentin
  12:45   Pre-Inspection Review
            Robyn Rodwell
1:00     Laboratory Risk Management
            Phillip Johnson
1:15    The Art of Performing Inspections
            Michele Sugrue
2:00   BREAK 2:00   BREAK
2:15     Auditing in the Cord Blood Bank
            Federico Rodriguez

2:15   Case Studies
2:30    The Exit Interview
           Phyllis Warkentin
3:00   Making Your Case via the Report
          Diane Fournier
General Sessions
3:30     Validation & Qualification
            Robyn Rodwell
4:30     Boot Camp Overview – Q & A (Speaker Panel)
5:00     Adjourn


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