What Do FACT Consultants Provide?

FACT Consultants help shape, implement, and embed best practices

Our consulting services are tailored to your specic needs. However, there are elements that are common to most of our client engagements.

Needs Assessment

The Client Services Director  will conduct an initial interview and planning session. Together you’ll review the consulting service options, determine the scope of work to be performed, and clarify expectations. You’ll agree on the obligations of your staff and our consultant or team of consultants. The Client Services Director will prepare a workflow table and a letter of agreement for your approval.

Ongoing Communications

Throughout the engagement we will conduct periodic teleconferences as needed to assess the consulting activities, answer your questions, interpretation standards, review documents to be submitted for accreditation, or prepare for an on-site review or inspection.

Exit Interview

The conclusion of an on-site visit is an exit interview with you or, as you determine, selected program administrators. This session will provide you with a clear understanding of the consultant’s findings and recommendations.

Written Report

After the on-site visit, our consultant will provide a written report with details of findings and recommendations. If requested, our consultant can provide information about additional assistance with accreditation documents or development of written policies and procedures.

Post-Engagement Interview

After project completion, we will conduct a follow-up interview for feedback on the services you received. This helps us maintain our own quality control and improvement.

Taken together, these steps enable us deliver the best possible services and assure that you receive the help that you want.



As a Matter of FACT

FACT inspectors have free access to all FACT training and educational opportunities.

Accreditation Success Story

The University of Utah Blood and Marrow Transplant Program began at the University Hospital in Salt Lake City in 1990. The program has been FACT accredited for 10 years, and offers suggestions for large programs considering FACT accreditation. Read more

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