FACT's Leaders

Leaders in the field of cellular therapy and blood and marrow transplantation who are committed to quality medical and laboratory practice manage the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. An 18-member Board of Directors, including representatives from the parent organizations, determines policy, establishes standards, approves accreditation decisions, and reviews committee reports. The Board of Directors includes:

  • President
  • Immediate Past President
  • 12 directors appointed by ISCT and ASTCT
  • Director appointed by ASFA
  • Chief Medical Officer 
  • Chair of Standards Development
  • Public Director

The executive staff manages the operations of FACT under the direction of the Board of Directors. They are responsible for the development of business objectives and policies, funding and strategic short- and long-range plans for operations, and matters related to personnel, finances, and growth.
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FACT Consulting

Accreditation Success Story

Hoxworth Blood Center Apheresis Collection Facility and its Cellular Therapies Division have been accredited by FACT since 2003. The program values their FACT accreditation and the impact it has had on their program’s continuous quality improvement objectives. Read more