Patients and their families need assurance that their health care providers are committed to providing quality patient care. FACT-accredited organizations voluntarily seek and maintain FACT accreditation through a rigorous process, demonstrating their belief that patient needs are paramount. Receiving care from a cellular therapy organization within the prestigious community of FACT-accredited organizations can make you confident that you are in good hands.

FACT is the only accrediting organization that addresses all quality aspects of cellular therapy treatments: clinical care, donor management, cell collection, cell processing, cell storage and banking, cell transportation, cell administration, cell selection, and cell release.

FACT requirements are updated regularly through the collaboration and input of the most knowledgeable minds in cellular therapy. The Standards are drafted by panels of the leading experts in the field of cellular therapy, many of whom who are the researchers and innovators who are responsible for advancing the field. Input from the wider transplant community and the public is actively sought.

FACT-accredited organizations are sought by physicians and patients. They are more confident when cellular therapy products and cord blood units come from FACT-accredited organizations because these organizations engage in open communication regarding donor and cell selection criteria and exert adequate control over the collection, processing, storage, release, transportation, documentation, and administration of these life-saving cells.

FACT sets international requirements with input from the worldwide community. The best cells for a patient often come from a different country, and international physicians and patients rely on known standards and accreditation as found in FACT-accredited programs. International clients and registries for cellular therapy products are requiring that minimum standards be met for the exchange or use of cellular products, and FACT-accredited programs meet or exceed all of these standards.

FACT is recognized by several external organizations for its superiority in cellular therapy accreditation, including government agencies and health insurance companies. FACT accreditation is a factor in the ranking of “America’s Best Hospitals,” and “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals,” published annually by U.S. News and World Report. Among the 10 cancer care centers ranked as best in the United States, all are FACT accredited.



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As a Matter of FACT

FACT is approved as an accrediting organization by the United States Health Resources Services and Administration (HRSA) for the C.W. Bill Young Cord Blood Transplantation Program.

Accreditation Success Story

Quality is The Standard at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is recognized as No. 1 in cancer care in U.S. News & World Report's annual "America's Best Hospitals" survey, in part due to our FACT accreditation. Read more