Benefits of FACT Accreditation

There are a number of reasons why you should consider being a FACT patient care clinical program, laboratory or cord blood bank. Here are a just few:

Cellular Therapy

  • Many health insurance plans and managed care organizations use FACT accreditation as a factor for designating “Centers of Excellence.”
  • FACT accreditation is becoming required for patient care reimbursement from many government agencies and health insurance companies.
  • US News & World Report utilizes FACT accreditation in its ranking of America's Best Hospitals.
  • Patients seek FACT accredited programs when looking for a quality patient care and treatment program.
  • International clients seeking quality cellular products rely on adherence to known standards and accreditation, as found in FACT accredited programs.
  • FACT accreditation is required of blood and marrow transplant programs that participate in the Cancer Trials Support Unit of the National Cancer, the Children’s Oncology Group, the Eastern Cooperating Oncology Group, and the Southwestern Oncology Group

Cord Blood Bank

  • Transplant physicians and patients are more confident when cord blood units come from a FACT accredited cord blood bank.
  • NetCord-FACT Standards meet or exceed government regulations.
  • NetCord-FACT Standards are developed by panels of experts and are updated regularly. Input from the CBB community and the public is actively sought through periods of open comment.
  • FACT is the only accrediting agency that addresses all quality aspects of cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release.
  • International clients for cellular therapy products are requiring that minimum standards be met for the exchange or use of cellular products, and FACT-accredited programs meet or exceed all of these standards.
  • FACT is supportive. It educates and helps cord blood banks provide the highest quality products and services for cellular therapy health professionals and patients.



FACT Consulting

Accreditation Success Story

The University of Utah Blood and Marrow Transplant Program began at the University Hospital in Salt Lake City in 1990. The program has been FACT accredited for 10 years, and offers suggestions for large programs considering FACT accreditation. Read more