Dr. Sarah Nikiforow, of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Dr. Marcela Maus, of Massachusetts General Hospital, are both members of the FACT Immune Effector Cell Task Force and have written an article published in the Journal of ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, outlining the why, what, and how of the new FACT Standards for Immune Effector Cells.

Drs. Nikiforow and Maus discuss how FACT has established new Standards specific to the use of Immune Effector Cells (IEC), including gene-modified T cells and natural (NK) cells. These Standards specify the clinical and quality infrastructure to facilitate safe administration of immune effector cells and formalize subsequent monitoring and reporting of patient outcomes to enable continual process improvement. The authors detail why these Standards came into being, what they entail, and how a clinical team might access educational materials and implement these Standards. We propose that these Standards will be increasingly useful and relied upon as institutions and clinical service lines seek access to these treatments for their patients.
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