The Ask-A-Peer service provides assistance to organizations seeking initial FACT accreditation or to new personnel at currently FACT accredited organizations. It is intended to facilitate collegial interaction between individuals seeking advice and experienced professionals from FACT accredited organizations.

Peer Advisory Panel
The Peer Advisors will provide brief guidance on organizing and preparing for an inspection to those seeking assistance, suggestions, and guidance. The Peer Advisory Panel is comprised of:

  • Experienced personnel from FACT accredited organizations
  • FACT Inspectors 
  • FACT committee members

Ask-A-Peer Process:
Submit your questions using the form below. Please ensure a correct email address is included to be able to receive the Peer Advisor's note.
If you have questions, contact FACT at 402.559.1950 or

Ask-A-Peer Form:

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Your question or comment will be directed to the appropriate Peer Advisor.  

Ask-A-Peer is intended to provide limited advice from your colleagues in cellular therapy and cord blood banking. It is not intended to certify best practices, guarantee FACT accreditation, or an in-depth consultation.
Answers and responses are not the sole means to meet FACT requirements, as there are many effective mechanisms by which to achieve compliance.



FACT Consulting

Accreditation Success Story

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