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What FACT Accreditation Means to Patients

As a patient, FACT accreditation can assure you that the health care organization you choose is committed to quality patient care. Learn what FACT accreditation means to you

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By achieving FACT accreditation, you are informing patients, medical professionals, health insurance companies and the government that you exceed standards in patient care and laboratory practices. Review accreditation process.

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FACT Inspector Shares Her Recipe for Successfully Performing FACT Inspections

Michele SugrueExperienced inspector, Michele Sugrue, outlines her procedure for successfully performing FACT inspections.
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Immune Effector Cells

The main objective of FACT's Immune Effector Cell Standards is to promote quality practice in immune effector cell administration. FACT also administers an associated voluntary, peer-led accreditation program that promotes patient safety, protects the research environment, and assists health care entities. FACT is committed to supporting efforts to make quality immune effector cellular therapy accessible to patients. Several resources are available to assist with understanding immune effector cells and implementing FACT Standards.

Immune Effector Cell Resources